Together we can achieve great things

St.Anne’s School Mission Statement

St. Anne’s, established by the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary in early 1970’s, endeavours to provide an education exclusively for pupils presenting with either a moderate/severe/profound general learning disability, pupils living with autism and presenting with a moderate general learning disability and in exceptional circumstances, pupils living with autism and presenting with a mild intellectual disability may be deemed eligible for enrolment in consultation and agreement between parents, the child, the Special Education Needs Organiser and multidisciplinary team members.

In line with our Catholic ethos, St. Anne’s having the Bishop of Killaloe as it’s Patron, endeavours to nourish the educational, social, emotional, spiritual and physical development by supporting each pupil to achieve the best of his/her ability. The staff of St. Anne’s are dedicated in providing the highest quality of care, education and learning to each pupil and are cognisant in supporting each pupil to succeed to his/her full potential. We believe each child is entitled to an appropriate educational provision and dignity of each pupil is maintained at a premium: thus ensuring inclusivity and equality of provision. In partnership with the parents/guardians and families of our children we seek to promote the holistic development of each individual. Guided by our ethos and infused by our dedication at St. Anne’s, we celebrate diversity and ability and adhere to our motto ‘Together We Can Achieve Great Things’.